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Download the latest Data Center Expert device firmware catalog file here.


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  1. About the problem "DCE can't download the firmware upgrade"

    Hi,  after investigation,

    we found that our Security department's group blocked recently the ftp download via the "WebSense plateform ... or WAF" ... and not blocked by the our Firewall.

    Important to advise the community about this issue ... this problem is not cause by schneiders / APC.

    Regards and have a nice day (smile)







  2. Unable to download the Device Firmware Catalog File via the link provided above.

    550 /restricted/software/isxcfwupd/100/ No such file or directory
    1. Hello,

      I have just verified the download of the file and that it works properly on the public network.  Your issue is most likely network related as the file is downloaded from a Schneider Electric FTP server.



  3. Hello,

    You are not using the proper link, please use the following link: ftp://restrict:Kop$74!

    Once you click on the link, the URL changes.



    1. Seems so.  

      Using FF or IE, the download works perfect (including showing the correct link).  When I use Chrome it doesn't work.  Odd.

      Thanks for your help.

  4. Good Afternoon...

    I'm looking for new DCE firmware catalog with including ACRC301S (V. 6.1.5a or V. 6.1.7), we have a problem with our cooling new ACRC301S pluming. if anyone or APC have it, please upload the link. Looks like we need a new catalog firmware, It was more than one year old since uploaded it.


    1. Hi Thai Trinh,

      It seems to me, in your case, it's better not to rely on the new DCE device firmware catalog, but directly to contact Schneider Electric's local technical support. In my experience - this is the best option.

      With best regards.

      1. Good Morning,

        Thank you for your response; unfortunately, we already looked into all options to fix this problem and Local Technical support was on site. However, a new DCE Device Firmware Catalog including ACRC301S is the best option for us right now since I have to push the firmware remotely.


        1. Hi Thai Trinh,

          I meant that you contacted the local Scnheider Electric technical support for the latest version of the firmware for your ACRC301S. Further, having the necessary firmware, you can seamlessly update your ACRC301S devices remotely and do not need to use DCE.

          This is what you need? Did I understand you correctly?

          With best regards.